September 5, 2017

Please do not contact me about this matter. 
I have pressed on long past what is comfortable for me, and it is high time for me to put my health and other matters first. 
My requests for help or change of hands have gone unanswered. 

Best wishes to all.
Yvonne (The Auto Lady)
What I Do
I Help Business Owners Increase Profits and Success
From business startup to any part of the business life cycle, great planning and organization is paramount to optimum success.  Less than 2% of the population have the necessary skills (combining the soft and hard skills) to plan the course.  According to Forbes, 8 out of 10 businesses fail.  Competition is strong.  I'm that less than 2% pro to ensure you get and stay on top of the 20% of businesses.  
Specializing in operations, projects, resources, and people.
How I Do It
Organizing, Analyzing, Evaluating, Planning, Recommending, Research
  1. Listen to clients and learn their business needs
    Your business, your products and services are not only your livelihood; they are your passion. No one knows you better than you. I will help you organize your dreams, ideas, and business to fit your needs.
  2. Analyze and evaluate for a customized business plan
    Information from your business, industry research, and relevant sources are analyzed and evaluated to create a customized plan to fit your desired end goals and image.
  3. Plan and recommend for a happy client
    The plan is revealed, and recommendations are made. When approved, execution of the plan is commenced. Progress is tracked; plans are attenuated; and success is imminent. You enjoy the world, and the world enjoys you.
Who Am I?
I have over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, management/leadership, and marketing.

Projects and duties have included operations manager, service manager, parts manager, events (planner, host, emcee, DJ, vendor), research and development, selecting and implementing software (ERP, CRM, etc.), database management, and much more.  Organizing, analyzing, problem solving, and presenting are my strong skills.

Business analyst and consulting clients come from
diverse industries, such as automotive, construction,
food, and entertainment.

My LinkedIn Profile provides a brief glimpse of my abilities and experiences.